Chicken Sitting

Sure, your chickens provide you with eggs, but they also provide you with a lot of entertainment. Have you ever really watched a chicken as it intently pursues an insect? Or listened to the little inquiring noises they make as they go about their daily business? It doesn’t take long to learn that each member of your flock has a distinct personality.

Of course, having a backyard flock comes with a lot of responsibility, and when you need to be away, you also need to know there’s someone you can depend on to provide proper care for your flock’s needs. At GSPS, we keep your chickens happy and healthy by continuing your daily schedule, providing fresh food and water and collecting eggs and ensuring they’re locked safe and sound in their coop at night.

As a flock owner, you know that even slight disruptions in routines can cause stress that can have a major impact on egg production as well as your chickens’ health and well-being. Let us help you keep your flock as healthy and content as possible.