Dog Walking

You work hard all day and when you come home, you just want a little time to relax with your pet. But like most pet owners who work all day, you know what’s waiting for you: An anxious, overly energetic and sometimes even frantic pet that needs to be walked and played with.

It’s not your dog’s fault: While you’ve been at work all day, your pet has been listless and bored with no chance for play or interaction, and no chance to go to the bathroom. By the time you get home, your pet is bursting with pent-up energy and in great need of a bathroom break. What’s worse, being left alone for long periods of time can cause your pet to become depressed and ill.

At Granite State Pet Sitting, our dog walkers are ready to provide your pets with the regular daily interaction and activity they need to stay happy and healthy. We’re happy to provide:

  • Individual walks (no “pack” or group walks) geared to your dog’s energy level
  • Playtime geared to your pet’s needs and preferences
  • Plenty of affection and individual attention
  • Fresh water and food as needed
  • Cleanup according to our “No Poo Left Behind” policy
  • Regular communication between your walker and you through notes, texts or emails

Here are some of the benefits you and your pet can enjoy:

  • Promotion of good physical and emotional health
  • Opportunity for mental and physical stimulation and play
  • A much-needed midday bathroom break to prevent accidents and promote good health
  • Opportunities for socialization to keep pets happy and well behaved
  • Reinforcement of training commands like “sit,” “stay,” “heel” and “come” to improve behavior
  • Elimination of negative behaviors like chewing and digging furniture that may occur when pets are bored

Stop feeling guilty about being away from home and your pet: The individual attention provided by a regular dog walking service goes a long way toward keeping your pet calm, contented and happy throughout the entire day. And that means that when you come home, you can enjoy spending calmer, more relaxed evenings with your pet.

Our Services

Dog Sitting

Dogs are pack animals by nature, and that means they need regular contact and interaction with other members of their human “pack” to be happy and thrive. When you’re away, whether for business or pleasure, our experienced pet sitters can fill in for you, providing your dog with the regular care and contact they crave.

Cat Sitting

Cats are smart, loving animals, and even though they may seem aloof or independent to the untrained eye, as any cat owner knows, cats are full of unique personality traits including a strong preference for regular routines. When you need to be away from home for an extended period, whether for professional or personal reasons, putting your cat in a kennel can cause it to become stressed and may even cause illness.

Small Animal Sitting

Who knew so much love and sweetness could fit in such a tiny, furry package? If you own a pet like a rabbit, sugar glider, hamster, guinea pig or other small animal, you know how loveable and special these pets can be – and so do we. When you need to leave your home, whether for a long business trip or vacation or just a quick “getaway” weekend, we can provide all the care your small pet needs.

Bird Sitting

Just like your furry pets, feathered loved ones develop strong attachments to the humans who care for them. Their happiness, health and well-being are based on a strong sense of routine and habit, and disrupting that routine can cause stress that in turn can cause molting, eating disorders and health issues. In flocks, disruptions in regular routines can also cause negative behaviors like pecking and can cause egg production to fluctuate or even cease.

Reservation Form

I only walk one household at a time. We do absolutely no pack walking. This allows us to give your dog(s) the most personalized attention possible. They will never get lost in the shuffle and you will not have to worry about a disagreement among other dogs.