Dog Sitting

Dogs are pack animals by nature, and that means they need regular contact and interaction with other members of their human “pack” to be happy and thrive. When you’re away, whether for business or pleasure, our experienced pet sitters can fill in for you, providing your dog with the regular care and contact they crave.

In addition to ensuring a ready supply of fresh food and water, we can also administer medicines, take your dog out for walks and play time, keep your yard clear of pet waste and provide a source of companionship and comfort (lots of kisses and gentle belly rubs!) to help your dog adjust during your absence.

Does your dog like to play or have special needs? We’re active pet sitters, and that means the level of activity and special care we provide is based on the unique needs of your dog. Whether your dog is young and playful or older and less active, we can ensure they receive the level of activity that matches both their needs and your preferences. We’ll keep you informed through a daily log as well as emails or texts so you can keep tabs on your pooch’s activities. In short, we’ll do all we can to make sure both you and your dog have peace of mind while you’re away.