Bird Sitting

Just like your furry pets, feathered loved ones develop strong attachments to the humans who care for them. Their happiness, health and well-being are based on a strong sense of routine and habit, and disrupting that routine can cause stress that in turn can cause molting, eating disorders and health issues. In flocks, disruptions in regular routines can also cause negative behaviors like pecking and can cause egg production to fluctuate or even cease.

When you have to leave home behind for vacation or business, providing your pet birds and backyard flocks with the consistent level of care they need is important to making sure they remain as healthy and unruffled as possible.

At Granite State Pet Sitting, we can provide care for all types of birds, from indoor caged birds to outdoor chickens and other flocks. We provide fresh food and watering in addition to human interaction and loving, calm company that provides a sense of security to birds of all kinds. Regular fresh food and water are essential for all birds, and especially for egg-laying birds to help replace minerals and vitamins lost during periods of high fertility.

We understand the unique needs and habits of birds of all kinds. Let us provide the care and love your feathered loved ones need to remain happy and well cared for while you’re gone.